Hi, I'm Samir Abdelkrim. Welcome to my profile!

Samir Abdelkrim's Bio:

My name is Samir Abdelkrim and I am French. MulticulturaI & curious, I speak 5 different languages: French & English (fully bilingual) + Russian, Arabic & Lithuanian.

I am passionate about Innovation, Startups & International relations.

I have created StartupBRICS in 2013, the 1st French-speaking blog covering the Startup scene in Emerging countries, from Africa to Asia to Russia: www.startupbrics.com / @StartupBRICS.

I have acquired 6+ years of experience in the management of international innovation projects in challenging countries with burgeoning Startup ecosystem - especially in the MENA region - especially between 2008 and 2012. 

To have a look on my writings ==> http://fr.scribd.com/Samir_Abdelkrim

Finally, I am a specialist of "Diaspora Entrepreneurship" and write often about this topic in international Startup magazines.